Late Season Snow & Supply Run

Snow in the middle of March isn’t a normal occurrence here where I am located in Oregon. So you can imagine our surprise when it was warm with Spring like weather and temperatures just a week prior to. It’s chilly and cold today but the sun did come out and the snow and ice is starting to melt. Foward weather is a wait and see.

We had to make a supply run this weekend because things are shutting down in Oregon due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here in Oregon, schools are closed till the 31st of March, there is a state of emergency for 60 days, large gatherings of 250+ people are prohibited.

Local libraries have shut down till Easter, many restaurants are drive thru only, grocery stores have cut back when they are open, and all sorts of events and gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. Our church is taking this on a week by week bases… it was so odd not be getting ready to go out to church this morning but this is serious and everything we can do to prevent how fast its spreading is so important.

Saturday we went out to the library to stock up since it is shutting down for a month on Monday. We picked up plenty of books, movies and games to tide us over for a little bit. We also went out to our local farmers market to get fresh produce and support our local friends and farmers. The grocery stores have been insanely busy and emptying out so finding fresh produce is hard right now.

We have only gotten a reasonable amount of items to stock our pantry and small deep freezer. We almost had an issue getting toilet paper. My husband got the last pack in a store on Friday night as the employee was bringing it out. I stress if you have stocked up to check with friends, neighbors and those such elderly, single moms, and those with health issues that may not be able to get out and accumulate much needed supplies to get them by till this passes and help out!

Many prayers to all learning how to function and get by with all of these changes. How is it going where you are?