Goodnight My Darling Dear {Book Review + Giveaway!}

Goodnight My Darling Dear by artist Amy Kavelaris is a beautiful bedtime book with emphasis on celebrating who a child is and who they could become in the future with following Christ the Lord.

The imagery in this book are breathtaking. The color choices are soft with hues of pink, purples, orange and more. The scenes of animals a delight to take in before drifting off to sleep.A cherry blossomed filled forest, sunset shores, rainbows overhead, hot air balloons in the night sky and many more pictures capture such whim.

The written verse is easy to read and rhymes. The story talks of the wonder of a child, the things they like that are gifts from the Lord to share with others, and the light they are in giving others hope and joy in Christ.

My nearly four year old daughter has enjoyed me reading this book to her at bedtime. The pictures really draw her in. The words remind her of how special she is to us and to God and how she can make a big difference in the lives of others.

This book is nice for gifting and there even a to and from section in the very front of the book to make it that much more special it to give and receive.

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