Zonderkidz Easter & Spring Children’s Books of 2020!

This winter we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied with lots of indoor activities like reading books as it has been chilly and often wet where we live and not that fun to be outside for long periods of time. But as we look a bit ahead, we know soon this season will be over and Spring will be here in a little over a month! That said, we are so excited to share today about a few great new children’s books for Easter and the Spring season from the Z Blog Squad Team!

The first book we want to share about is Grow, Candace, Grow a second book in this series written by Candace Cameron Bure ( New York Times bestselling author and star of the hit TV series Full House ) and illustrated by Christine Battuz.

This story is about a young girl that has the opportunity along with her school class to grow a garden in celebration of the Spring season. In this tale, children will learn the importance of patience and the joy of planting a seed a watching it grow into something truly beautiful.

There was an oops moment in the story where the little girl in anticipation of those wonderful flower blooms thought more and more water would be the quickest and best solution to get there only to have drowned everything. But no worries, as a solution was found with determination and hard work. The interest was kept by my nearly 4 year old daughter from the very start to the finish. The story was engaging and the illustrations bright and cheerful to take in. We both are the fans of the book and like the Bible verse Galatians 5:22-23 was included.

Being big fans of our feathered friends in the world Ten Little Eggs written by Mary Hassinger and illustrated by Jess Mikhail drew us in right away.

This is truly a silly and adorable book that celebrates the differences found in others. The book starts at 1 and counts up to ten from start to finish. Each egg has different animal inside which makes for a fun surprise to be seen on every turned page!

My kids laughed out loud as I read this book. It’s been picked up and read many times over in my household. The illustrations are a lot of fun and the rhyming words make this a fun and easy read-aloud tale.

I like how in this book something special stands out about each little animal that pops out of the egg from looks to character traits. Celebration and love are found in this book and a wonderful reminder that families are all different and unique.

Easter Egg Day, written by Tara Knudson and illustrated by Pauline Siewert is a story that spotlights egg-dying, egg-hunting, and spending time with friends, neighbors and family revolving around this popular tradition.

The illustrations are a delight from the glittery front cover to the fully illustrated pages within. The word phrasing/rhyming makes this an easy read-aloud for young children to listen and engage with.

I like my little one learned a few things about designing eggs such as using a crayon to draw designs before dipping them into the different color dyes. Speaking of coloring, she also learned about that mixing some colors together produces another!

I like that the back of the book has instructions on how to dye your very own Easter Eggs. It list what you will need and six easy to follow steps!

While this isn’t an all the time/everyday read, it’s certainly one I’ll be reading again to my child as Easter time gets closer.

Little Duckling’s Easter Prayers is a sweet collection of Spring season themed prayers.

This book has a lightly padded front and back cover. The cheerful and seasonal appropriate illustrations are full-color and spread completely over every page.

The imagery my youngest daughter found a true delight to gaze upon as we read through each of the prayers. There is a sweet little fox, ducks, mice, snails, mice, butterflies, frogs, bunnies and other fun little critters throughout the scenes. Note all scenes take place in nature.

There are prayers of thanks, care, praise, and many more. Each of the prayers are written in a rhyming way which makes them easier to remember and read-aloud. I like that each verse ends with a scriptural verse you can look up in the Bible if you wish.

I feel most of the prayers in this offering challenge children to look at the changing season to see God all around them. I particularly like the ending prayers are about Jesus being Savior and how he’ll one day come back for us all.

This book is a lovely little collection of Spring time prayers for preschool to around kindergarten aged children, in my opinion. Recommended!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*