February 2020: Family Meals, Sides and Desserts Worth Mentioning!

AMY + JACKY Pressure Cooker Cranberry Sauce is must follow Instant Pot recipe if you prefer homemade cranberry sauce to the canned stuff. This recipe has just the right amount of sweet and tart to please even the most pickiest eaters. I liked being able to use honey and orange to give it an even more desirable flavor!

I roughly followed the Easy Instant Pot Hummus found on The Butter Half website. When I say roughly I stuck mostly to the recipe but used frozen Chickpeas instead of canned and finished it up using my handheld immersion blender. I also used a bit more of the paprika and garlic called for and doubled the batch. The cook time was the exact same.

Six Sister’s Stuff INSTANT POT EASY SESAME CHICKEN AND RICE recipe. This was very good not being too sweet at all. We will certainly be making this one again since it was loved by the whole family!

My husband made this without following any recipe. He looked to The Flavor Bible for ingredients that go well with Salmon and made a delicious dinner! Sharing below in what he did:

Pan Salmon
15 minute prep time
5-10 cook time ( 145 internal temp is recommended. )

Zest an orange. Juice orange and put juice in pan with olive oil. Put salmon in pan. Put zest, white pepper and salt on salmon. Lay sliced apples over salmon. Top with basil and nutmeg. Lay sliced cucumber one apples, top with thyme and scallions. Cook. Drizzle the liquid from the pan over the fish. Serve and eat.

…and for something completely different and new to us, I whipped up a batch of Instant Pot Greek and Lemon Chicken Soup. The lemon is very pronounced in this soup in a good way. For thickening I used just one egg instead of two and it was good! This soup I would suggest serving either as a side or a main course paired with bread and a salad. 3 out of 5 members of my household liked it!