Rock-Hunting and Soaking in the Winter Sunshine

We got a break in the rain on Sunday and Monday so that meant getting out and receiving just as much of that glorious vitamin D that we could. It can often be dark, drab, cold and rainy in Oregon during the winter season so we appreciate every bit of sunshine that pours down from the sky. We supplement with Vitamin D drops during this time but nothing comes close to the ultimate source i.e the sun.

Sunday morning we packed a picnic lunch to bring along with us and headed out to one of our favorite spots after Church. We walked the area taking in the fresh air, warm sunshine and all the beauty of creation that this season has to offer us.

One of the wonderful blessings about all the rain here is that many things still remain green like the grass and trees (pine and evergreen that never loose their color throughout the year). My oldest daughter loves pointing out all the different species of mushrooms on our adventures some brown and other orange in color sporting all sorts of shapes and sizes!

While out venturing we visited one of the many rock fairy doors in our area. We are blessed that where we live there’s a pretty busy and active rock hiding and seeking community. It’s so fun to be surprised by finding a rock when out and about.

We found a rock at our local Winter Farmer’s Market and at Community College grounds. The fairy doors are trading post where you can swap a rock(s) you have with another. We used to paint rocks all the time to hide and plan on getting back on that again. It’s been a fun family thing to do together and it’s all the better knowing our rocks can brighten someones day too!

That about wraps up the adventures had for our family over the weekend + MLK Holiday. How was yours?