Owen’s 9th Birthday!

We just celebrated Owen’s 9th birthday last week! We are blessed with another year and couldn’t be more thankful. We are so proud of the young man he’s becoming.

This year he requested a Creeper face character cake which is a popular character in his favorite game “Minecraft”. With black fondant, a print off of the face from Bing, and frosting I went to work and the results weren’t bad!

The cake is made up of green colored buttercream frosting, purple edging, strawberry preserves between the layers and chocolate cake mix. It came together nicely and needless to say, he was was very happy with the cake.

He wanted to go out for Five Guys and Fries for his special meal and free Dutch Bros birthday drink. We weren’t sure if we’d go out on his birth-date but it worked out. We’ve been battling colds off and on over here so Winter birthdays on the actual date can be hit or miss.

He got a few LEGO sets as gifts and spent a good amount of time putting them together. Some of his kits included a dragon, bank scene, Marvel characters and Minecraft biomes and characters. The Thanos character build was his favorite out of all of them.

He got a neat Lego storage bag from his grandparents that he’s using to store his favorite builds that will fit. They also found him a neat popcorn vendor character and another Steve (MInecraft) person to add to his collection. The money he got from his Aunt he plans on saving for the video game Just Shapes and Beats.