My 35th Birthday

I turned 35 this week. In turning another year older, I look back at what a year 34 was for me. It was a truly a busy time where it didn’t quite feel like I was able to catch a breath. There were many ups and downs and I felt honestly at one point like I aged ten years. There was good mixed with the not so good but through it all I am grateful. God was and still is in it all.

Some fun happenings happened in celebrating yours truly. Over the weekend, we took advantage of the $10.00 off a purchase Birthday gift from IKEA and got the kids a dresser. Yes, I know it was a gift for me but even though the dresser isn’t for me per-say, it;s bringing me peace of mind that the kids can keep their clothes better organized in it than with the hanging closet clothes things we were using before. It’s a win!

I did enjoy the free birthday lunch with dessert. IKEA restaurant food has always been a hit with my family and it’s pretty affordable too!

While at IKEA I spied a chalkboard with a lovely winter scene on it. I’ve always loved chalkboard art and signs so I had to snap a photo to share above.

Hobby Lobby has to be on the best things to open up where I live. Believe it or not, I hadn’t actually bought any yarn from there till today ( they opened late Summer). For my birthday my husband told me to pick out a few things and that I did! I got the items in the picture above which are as follows; 2 Skeins of Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton “Sprinkles on Top” (Market Bag project!), Yarn Bee Glowing “Farmers Market” (possible Sea foam Drop Stitch Scarf), and a Alpaca Yarn Bowl.

Lydia colored a cute cupcake birthday coloring sheet picture for me. I love it! She picked out so many cute colors and you may not be able to tell but there’s light specks of glitter on it too.

I’m appreciative of the cards from my mother ( w/ $5.00 that I am saving to use at the Fiber Festival later this year), mother-in-law, and sister-in-law too.

Actual birthday dinner was from a local family owned Mexican restaurant! It was really good and has inspired me to up my home Mexican meals from just tacos, enchiladas, and the occasional Trader Joes tamales though those are good too but I know I can do better!

As for cake… we’ll we didn’t have any because we still had leftover from my son’s birthday last week. I did however snag the free birthday drink from Dutch Brothers. I got a Decaff Coconut Milk Cocomo with a dash a hazelnut. Decaff because it was late plus I’ve cut back on caffeine. I’,m strictly down to one cup of a coffee a day along with a few other health choices this year but that’s another blog post!