End of January 2020: What’s On/Off My Needles?

Well, this month I didn’t get any projects off the needles but I am happy with the progress that was made on each of the projects I lent myself too.

I have a lot of large spools of cotton I’ve been wanting to use up. Typically it becomes vintage hanging towels or dish/spa cloths. However with the new single-use bag ban that just hit our area of Oregon, I decided lending myself to knitting up market bags was a very good idea.

Thus, the first project I cast on for January 2020 is the PT 8541 – Knitted Market Bags by Bendigo Woollen Mills which can be found for free on Ravelry. This pattern I printed out double-sided and laminated. I don’t do this with all patterns I knit up but since it has 6 different variations all of which I plan to knit this year, I figured it’d keep in better shape protected.

This pattern uses two different needles sizes and to start you knit it from the base up to the point where you cast off partially and then add the handle . The base for every bag is the same. I honestly really like the base as its tightly knit and pretty solid.

I haven’t finished this bag but it’s very close to being done. I’m basically at the point where you cast off partially the brim of the bag and then knit the handle.

I’ll update next month when/if the bag is finished and how I like the final results as well as how well it preforms its intended use!

Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel can be found for free on Ravelry. This scarf I started later in the month. It is constructed from the Yarn Bee Glowing “Farmers Market” ( A Hobby Lobby brand) my husband purchased for me for birthday earlier in the month.

I like the simple yet stylish and fancy looking lace pattern which repeats itself every 8 rows. It’s airy design lends to being worn over a span of seasons. I feel like the yarn gets to show off its color variations throughout through this design.

I know blocking it when I am finished will open the drop stitch pattern more and give it a polished look as I once knit up a prayer shawl in the same seafoam stitch.

As for future February knitting projects, I have a few things in mind but will share those at a later time.

How have you been keeping busy during your free time during the New Year?