Just in Case You Ever Wonder, Max Lucado {Book Review}

Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado is a book that was recently re-released. This book that has sold more than 1.7 million copies and won an award reinforces the special bond a parent shares with their child.

I read this book for the first time to my three and a half year old daughter and she seemed to enjoy it. Throughout the story the main character (parent) talks to their little one about God and how he uniquely made them from their laugh to their smile. As the story continues on, it talks about challenges and fears a little one may in growing up have like being afraid of the dark or being bullied and how no matter what an how like God that they as parent would always be there to help the child through.

The art in the book is lovely. I like how bear characters were used so it the story can easier apply to those of all colors, races, and demographics. The illustrations are warm and welcoming and get the point of the story across well.

The book is easy to read and flows well when read aloud. There’s a few sentences on each page so it’s not too wordy.

The main take away is to enforce God’s love and the parents for their child. My only thought is that the book isn’t for every child since some of the story talks about being there when the child is born which doesn’t apply for most adopted children or those with broken families. This story wouldn’t be an ideal choice for those that may not share the Christian faith. If purchasing or gifting I would suggest looking over the book first.

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