We are Moving in Three Weeks!

The month of July seems to be flying by, in fact, Summer feels like it is already wrapping up. My family and I have been keeping quite busy de-cluttering and packing our home up for an August move. This move we knew was coming so we’ve been able to plan and get better organized!

With the move out and move in to the new place date fast approaching, I’ve been keeping sane by compiling lists and ordering needed supplies for the move online to prevent running all over town. My favorite online retailer Amazon has been a huge help! That Prime member quick shipping benefit has again and again proved to be worth it to my family.

Just yesterday, I scored a deal I found on Amazon for a set of two shower liner curtains for $11 bucks. We’ll have two bathrooms (master and kids which is also the guest bathroom) in the new place and where as I could use the liners we already have, they are wearing out. I don’t want to be cleaning anything extra just to pack it up when there will be so many other things to do. Little things like this done now are a huge help so we aren’t running to the store in the wee hours of the night for a sudden household need!

As we are wrapping up living here, we are welcoming getting back to the town we’ve called home. The place we are in currently we knew would be temporary. Living here has gone by quickly and it truly has helped us look hard at some things and set certain priorities into place. While our time here was short, it was fruitful in its own way.

We have at this point wrapped up Summer reading programs and the kids are saying goodbye to the parks they played at while here. They are truly ready to move! Now it’s just the countdown till the day we can get in and over to the new place. Right now the house is about 85% packed. It will need cleaned but not a deep cleaning. The dirt never did settle down all that much here.

New and welcome things this Fall are in store. I’ll be jumping back into blogging more for work and pleasure. I’ll be rejoining the Schoolhouse Crew Review team again. I have plans of sharing more of what our homeschooling and family life looks like. Knitting projects are on the horizon both personal and for business as well.

As the end of Summer is near, what new things are on the horizon for you?