The Best Materials For Area Rugs

Modern and vintage area rugs for homes are made with a variety of stylish materials. When designers pick their resources for rugs, they consider each material’s strength and quality. Among all of the available materials, many designers use four common options to make elegant area rugs.


Wool is a very durable material for thick rugs, and it’s available in a variety of colors. In thousands of homes, wool rugs are always used in high traffic areas because its fibers sooth achy feet. Another benefit is that wool doesn’t hold spills in busy spaces. Instead, it absorbs liquid; however, the absorbing process happens gradually over time.


Cotton material is usually flat or braided when it’s used to make area rugs. When compared to wool, cotton is less expensive. However, it’s quality doesn’t suffer as an average cotton rug could withstand heavy foot traffic.

Because cotton can be stained in a variety of colors, designers have many opportunities to mix and match shades to create rugs with unique patterns. Colorful cotton area rugs with flat or braided weaving is very soft, and they’re great for consumers on a budget.


Jute is a very tough rug material that’s used by strategic designers. Thanks to its unique construction, designers who use this material can make weaves and textures that stand out in a dramatic way.

A piece of jute is very coarse, which is why it’s a great material for locations where stains typically occur. The stiff fibers can brush dirt and dust off of shoes while the thick bristles absorb liquid.

In older homes, jute is one of the best options for allergy suffers. Although wool stands out in a vintage design scheme, its fibers can trigger general allergy symptoms. Jute doesn’t produce particles or hold contaminates that can affect allergies, and it produces these results in the busiest spaces.


Viscose has great absorbent properties, and its fibers are very soft. It doesn’t perform well in high-traffic areas because its fibers aren’t very durable. In order to design a space with viscose, you’ll have to use a rug that’s made with a combination of viscose and wool.

These materials help designers make great modern area rugs. Wool and cotton are practical decorative options, and jute and viscose can effectively absorb spills. These products and many other designer options are available at Roth Rugs.