2019 Library Summer Reading Program

The Library Summer reading program in our area yesterday began. It’s called “A UNIVERSE OF STORIES” and it is Space and Science themed this year!

I got all three of my kids signed up and they all have eagerly got to reading ( expect the three year old, we read to her but it still counts) for fun and prizes. It was a real shock to put down the kids grades for the Fall. I have a 5th, 3rd, and preschooler now!

Aside from reading books, the kids are encouraged to also do science projects ( a booklet full of projects was provided for each child) throughout the span of the program! I think this is a cool idea since I know my kids love hands on learning.

At our library, there are special guest, experiments and other events that are following this theme now through August to check out!

I’m happy with the theme because the kids will still be learning throughout the Summer just with looser structure. We opted for a break since we are packing for a move in August from where we currently are (more on this in a later post).

I think free programs like this are awesome and I encourage everyone to join up because there are even Summer reading programs for adults too in most communities. What are you reading this Summer?