becker&mayer make learning a new craft easy!

I don’t know about you, but with Spring comes cleaning out the old and making space for the start of new and exciting things. Those things could look like something different for every person. Maybe you want to start learning how to play an instrument, try out a new fashion look, tackle a stack of books you’ve had on a list for awhile, or if you are artsy like me, learn a new craft, perhaps?

If a specific arts and craft projects is on your radar, I encourage checking out the helpful offerings by becker&mayer. The company has craft kits from origami to painting to needle-crafts where everything you need to get started is included! That all being said, there’s no reason to put it off jumping in any longer!

I have been having a lot of fun with Watercolor Glue-Resist Wonders kit. This kit comes with four pre-printed watercolor sheets, two watercolor paintbrushes, white glue, and your own set of 12 watercolor paints!

The 8×10 preprinted design sheets in the book you can completely finish with everything in the kit are; Unicorn, Peacock, Dragonfly, and Rose. All the design make lovely additions to any room or office.

The instructional book is very helpful and well done. It gives instructions and also a supply list to grow beyond just the projects in this book. Note that the are  6 more templates to trace onto your own watercolor paper aside from the four preprinted ones.

I enjoyed using this kit. The results came out better than I imagined they would. The art is nice and the glue element gave it an interesting look with the raised glue edge outline. I would say the most difficult thing was the wait for the glue to dry completely before starting the watercolor painting bit.

I feel that older children to adults would enjoy this kit. It’s reasonably priced at $24.99 for the quality of the products, understandable instructions, and the number of artworks you can complete with the supplies within the set without running out. Recommended!

Be sure to check out the other offerings by this company below!

-Craft Kits!-

Wall Art: Geometric Origami

10 Hip and Stylish Wall Décor Projects for Your Home

Includes 50 sheets of colorful origami paper, plus twine to make two chic projects.

$24.99 US / $32.99 CAN / ISBN: 9780760362082

Decorative Tile Art

Create Beautiful Tiles for Display or Use

Includes four ceramic tiles, six colorful markers, one pipette, one foam brush, clear coating, and protective felt feet.

$24.99 US / $32.99 CAN / ISBN: 9780760362112

Cross Stitch Creations: Fine Art12 Patterns of the World’s Finest Masterpieces

Includes an embroidery hoop, two pieces of Aida fabric, twelve colors of floss, and a needle.

$21.99 US / $28.99 CAN / ISBN: 9780760362075

Embroidery Designs: Natural SplendorEverything You Need to Stitch 12 Natural Designs

Includes an embroidery hoop, three sheets of iron-on transfer, two needles, two pieces of white cotton fabric, and ten colors of floss.
$21.99 US / $28.99 CAN / ISBN: 9780760362105

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free sample or a discount to purchase the product for review  purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.