The Wonder Years Cardigan

A little over a month ago if memory serves me right, I started on cardigan for my youngest. I made it large so she could not just wear it this year but next too. I’m not buying yarn this year (saving for a home), so I used what was in my stash and had just enough to make this one! I was literally down to 3/4 of the purple when I cast off and quite frankly that’s a little closer to running out than I typically like in a bigger project.

The Wonder Years Cardigan Pattern on Ravelry is what I followed. I had knitted up the Little Coffee Bean Sweater by the same creator two years ago. In, fact the purple yarn I used was also used in that one! It wasn’t a difficult pattern to follow and the results truly speak for themselves. Once comfortable with the pattern you can do your own thing if so inclined. 

Lydia is quite happy with her sweater. The yarn I used is KnitPicks worsted. It is soft against the skin and can be washed without it becoming damaged or having shrinkage occur. The buttons I got off a local free group and with my calculations I need exactly 7 and I had just that number! It was was meant to be on the buttons! 

If anything was challenging it would have to be the button bands but honestly those just takes a bit more time, counting, and math…all things any knitter should strive to be aware of! Helpful guides in the construction of a cardigan like this one can be found on the Very Pink Knits Youtube channel if you need visual help. 

I will likely be making this cardigan again. The pattern gives directions for sizes all the way up to 8-10 year old . You can also knit the pattern for a boy or a girl which makes it well worth purchasing too in my opinion.