The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible is a collection of both Old and New Testament stories presented in any easy to understand way for children ages 3 to around 7 years old.

This book drew my youngest child in right away with the colorful illustrations of people and animals from the stories. The artistic design the cover has is truly engaging as the images are debossed so they stand out which means when you run your hand or fingers across the front cover it you can feel the raised edge in addition to seeing it. I love the little details like this which help to make a very special offering!

The stories are listed in this book as you would find them in Bible. We start in the Old Testament and end in the New. You have your general additions such as Creation, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David and Goliath, Daniel, and Jonah in the Old testament among a few others. In this New Testament there’s the birth of Jesus, John the Baptist, Parables, and many on Jesus and his journey to the cross and Resurrection there after.

The stories are roughly 5-6 pages in length sporting many engaging illustrations. There’s no scripture references, prayers, or applications to read, just the story itself. This is fine by me, as I feel you really don’t need a direction into this as the stories speak for themselves and any questions that a child may have likely easily can be answered.

I like that this book introduces who God is, shows children who we are, and what we were made for. There are 33 total stories so if read daily this book will be about a month of Bible stories.

I appreciate that the people in book are darker in color as they would be. There’s nothing scary that could make a child upset. I do wish there was a ribbon bookmark for keeping place but it’s no a deal breaker.

I feel that this Bible storybook would be welcome addition to home and a church classroom. Recommended for young children just moving past very basic re-tellings that are introduced in their baby and toddler years.

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*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.