JellyTelly Board Books & Coloring Books!

Spring is here and with that comes Spring Break which means a bit of a routine change from our normal days that are typically filled with school and other set scheduled things.

This Spring Break my children have been reading lots and lots of book as well as engaging in fun hands-on activities. Speaking of which, a few of our favorite reads and coloring books have come from the bestselling video series Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible? ( the creator of VeggieTales )

My preschooler has been loving this lines board books! They are very colorful, feature fun lovable characters, and attention grasping stories that point to God’s Creation and How Much they are loved by Him!

Aside from the stories, there is a Parent Connection section at the end of the each of the board book stories. This connection section is meant to give parents and caregivers basic keys for helping little ones know the love of God, grow in God’s love, and to show God’s love to others.

There are four suggestions for growth given with examples such as having a child point out words and picture in the story, asking questions about what’s going on in the pictures and so forth. The activities and ways to connect will differ in each book.

In the offering ” God Made Me”, Clive and Ian talk about something Ian is very good at which is eating pancakes. Silly right? Well, aside from that, they explore how much more special he is because God created him. They talk about how God gave us a very important job to love all of his creation which includes leafy plants, animals, and people. It’s short and sweet. The message has stuck with my little one.

Coloring books have always been a hit at home and on the go. With the Buck Denver’s Bible Coloring Book my older kids get to be artistic and learn Bible scripture at the same time!

These coloring books are great. The pages are thick and don’t tear or rip with coloring. The pages are perforated so you can color it outside of the book or give it away or hang it up proudly when finished!

I really like at the beginning of the both the testament themed books there’s a page that list all the Bible books in the right order. Is fantastic as well that the scripture reference for the stories and verses is listed so they can look it up after if they want to learn more in their own Bibles!

A few of our favorite pages include the maps and the poster like scripture verse pages.

These are great for home and church classes. I can’t help but think what an excellent addition these would be to Easter baskets or to gift to kids as Summer is upon us. I highly encourage you to check them out!

God Made the World | God Made the Animals | God Made Me | God Made Night and Day |
Buck Denver’s Bible Coloring Book Old Testament and New Testament