Knitting Goal #1 Down for 2019

This year I decided to go dive into my cotton stash and learn new knitting stitches while doing so. Since May 2017 the book Loom Knit Dishcloths: Also includes Knook & needle instructions (Knit) by Kathy Norris has been on my shelf waiting for me to knit the items inside, among a few other books I’ll tackle too.

By the end of January, I knit all 13 cloths from this book and couldn’t be happier. Not only did I get through the book, make a decent dent into my cotton yarn, but I also started stocking up my personal as well as gift stash of items to keep and giveaway! Each of the cloths is uniquely beautiful and were a lot of fun to make.

The pattern book I really like because it gives instructions for using the Knook, loom, and knitting needles. The patterns are easy to follow and there’s plenty of full color pictures throughout.

The cloths I knit I used my set of Knitpicks knitting needle. I still enjoy using my looms but with needles I am a lot quicker to knit items up.

It’s hard to pick a favorite cloth pattern from the book but I do like the look of the Chevron and the Simple Diamonds pattern quite a bit. I will certainly be making these patterned cloths again!

Do you have any projects or crafty goals for 2019?