I Love You, Funny Bunny {Book Review}

I Love You, Funny Bunny is sweet picture book about the ways this mother bunny loves her little one.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Sean Julian. The hues and shades of coloring are warm and inviting. The characters expressions go well with the story. There are lots of fun pictures to look at where the characters are located in the forest, by the stream and home inside the bunnies den. Most but not all illustration scenes span two pages at once.

The story is written in rhyme making this an excellent storybook pick for reading aloud. It’s not an overly wordy written book. There is typically just one sentence/phrase on a page. The rhymes never feel awkward or oddly forced. The flow is perfect.

Ways this mother states she loves her little one include how she’s made to laugh, how’s she left in awe when she the wonder that feels her little ones face when they discover something new, and in many more wonderful ways.

My nearly three year old enjoys when I read her this book. She is quite captivated by the pictures and the sweet story. I am happy to share such a heartfelt sweet story with her.

I wanted to point out that though this book is under a christian publisher, there is no mention of God or Bible verses included within its pages.

The hardcover version of this book I am quite happy with. It’s sturdy and quite durable for reading over and over again. The jacketed cover is stylish with is eye catching foil title, flowers and stand out bunny picture on the front. A perfect pick for reading for the upcoming Spring season. Recommended!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from BookLookBloggers.