Owen’s 9th Birthday!

This month we celebrated Owen turning 8 years old! We like to celebrate birthday by taking each of the kids out to their favorite restaurant or making them favorite meal at home and giving them a fun themed cake.

Owen requested going out for burgers at Red Robin and hoped for a Kirby ( video game character) themed cake. Needless to say, the cake I made this year was a hit.

The Kirby cake was something I thought of before he even asked. The Kirby amiibo was his present this year and it served as a topper for the cake! If you don’t know what an amiibo is know it’s something you scan on your Nintendo system to get special items in a number of games.

The clouds and the stars on the cake were made out of Marshmallow fondant and helped me to produce an image of Kirby floating through the sky among the clouds. The cloud cookie/fondant cutters I found on Amazon for a great price! I am thinking I’ll use these for a few other baking projects in the future because those cloud like shapes are also perfect for fluffy sheep!

The stars on the cake aren’t actually stars at all but the design worked out for it. My oldest daughter and I used the Wilton Fondant 3-Piece Mini Cutters, Flower and Leaf set! Speaking of my older daughter, she’s been great about helping with dinner and baking lately and I was so happy she volunteered ti help out with the cake.

I was aiming for the buttercream frosting to be a deeper blue but the shade I had was sky blue and really light. I added more blue but it didn’t help then tried red and it came to a purple-blue shade which worked and I didn’t want to add more coloring in fear of ruining the frosting. I think it would be neat to try to color a cake with a baking airgun… perhaps in the future.

It was a nice low-key birthday. The cake was delicious. The gifts from his Grandparents were enjoyed ( can’t go wrong with LEGO or candy). He liked all his cards. I feel like we sort of celebrate for the whole month since his birthday comes so soon after the holidays and everyone is still recovering from December! Considering his cake wasn’t ready till a week after the actual date of his birth. But overall it was good!