My 34th Birthday!

Another year and another Birthday, this time my own. My birthday was low key but enjoyable. I got to visit my favorite nature park and furniture store ( IKEA), snag a free coffee from my favorite coffee joint (Dutch Brothers), had one of my liked meals ( Hot Wings!) prepared by my husband, gifted a pretty painting ( by August Holland) and pretty items from my mother in law and last but not least I got to enjoy the day with the people I love!

“From Sea to Shining Sea” painting by artist August Holland. This was sold at local organization that Outreach provides assistance and finances for people who struggle with substance abuse by offering a 12 month residential in-house program. They raise money through donations from generous people who have a heart to help.
An attempt to get a picture with all the kids looking at the camera… we tried but Lydia was preoccupied with the shadows on the ground!
Free Birthday meal and dessert from IKEA. They also sent my a 15.00 credit for anything in the store! I used it for another pantry shelf for my tiny kitchen.

No cupcakes or cake other than the slice from IKEA for me since I was fine with just having Owen’s cake since his Birthday is a few days before mine. I went with a raspberry sorbet since I have a sensitivity to milk so I’ve been avoiding it.