Melody’s Perler Bead Creations

It’s the time of year when we are cooped up a lot more. Enter the rainy season of Oregon. We do get sunshine here and there but the ground is still left very muddy and squishy! I kid you not that any time my youngest (2.5 year old) is at the park she wipes out into the mud so we always have to bring a change of clothes.

So when it’s wet, we do a lot of reading and many more crafts! My oldest 10.5 year old has been creating all sorts of fun designs with our massive collection of perler beads this month!

A few of her recent designs include Kirby, Ghast ( Minecraft), Cake ( for the birthdays we celebrate this month), a coffee cup, and heart. She’s thinking about making more Video Game character themed ones. She may dabble in the glow in the dark beads sold at craft stores too.

I’m glad she occupying herself in such a creative way! The colors choices and shading of the creations really make them pop. I’m so proud and told her if she keeps it up, she could make some money with these.