Jesus Calling®: The Story of Christmas {Review and Giveaway}

Jesus Calling®: The Story of Christmas is a lovely offering to share with children during the holiday season. This in-depth re-telling of the story helps to have a better understanding of Christ coming to the world to save us all. I was delighted that it started at the beginning of creation and ended with his resurrection and the promise of eternal life with God.  

This book draws you in right away. The outer cover features a sweet nativity scene of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and a number of farm animals with glitter raised beams of light shinning down from the star. It did well to catch the eyes of my three children clear across the room. The inside was just as delightful with rich colored illustrations throughout.

I like how the retelling draws you in. There are Jesus Calling sections on each of the pages in which it is like Jesus is speaking directly. It’s very personal and that’s something I really like. It answers the how does this apply to me, the why and it shows us the character of Christ for us.

I didn’t find the wording difficult to read nor confusing for children. I liked that there’s an introduction at the beginning of the book from the author to speak life into why they compiled this book. In short, it was to place emphasis on Jesus as our savior from the start to the end of time and that there was always a plan.

Among the retelling by word and picture, there are Bible verses throughout. The scripture translation varies from NLT to NKJV in the easiest to understand version for children.

You can chose to read this book through completely or you could break it up into daily readings leading up till Christmas Day. If you chose to break reading after each Jesus Calling section. There would be 12 short devotionals to read. Throughout we see Abraham, John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Mary, Many Prophets, Shepherds, Wisemen, Joseph, Zechariah, each playing a crucial role into the story of Christ’s coming.

This book is a lovely choice for at home or in a church classroom setting. It’s more in-depth but still simple enough for children as young as four years old to grasp. It’s a great book to enjoy together during this time of the year in understanding God’s plan of sending his Son Jesus as a gift for us all.


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