Adorable Doodle Art Books by Race Point Publishing

I love cute and adorable art, in fact, it’s my go to art style for designing. I’m always looking for inspiration in this style and that’s why I’m pleased with the doodle art books by Race Point Publishing! These two books are full of whimsical and cheery doodles and instruct you just how to achieve the adorable art style yourself!

Kawaii Doodle Cuties: Sketching Super-Cute Stuff from around the World takes you on a journey across the globe. Step-by-step instructions help you to turn sketches of the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and more into sweet and friendly characters in the kawaii style.

This book has a warning label which reads “WARNING: Do Not Open Unless You’re Ready for Cuteness Overload!” This warning is right as I found myself oohing and aahing page after page.

The book does well to explain what Kawaii is, how to use the book, information on the tools you’ll need, and many helpful tips and tricks.

I love how every day things and places are made into something so cute! The following sections are in this book;

  • Adorable Food
  • Precious Nature & Natural Wonders
  • Enchanting Architecture & Monuments
  • Lovable Animals and Birds
  • Charming Transportation
  • Fecthing Fashion
  • Everyday Cute
  • Fun Time (Search & Find Puzzles)

Each of the categories features a well known thing from a specific country. For example a pizza and it’s from Italy, A Maple Leaf from Canada, Statue of Liberty from the USA, Fez from Moroco, and so forth. My favorites include the koala, kimono, lego brick, and teapot!

The doodles have step by step written and illustrated instructions on how to start and finish each drawing. The book is full color. The scheme is somewhat pastel. The drawing are simple enough that I believe anyone could achieve mastering. I like this book and so does my ten year old daughter. Highest of recommendations.

The Art of Doodle Words: Turn Your Everyday Doodles into Cute Hand Lettering takes a fun and easy approach to lettering by combining it with doodling. The result? Adorable word-art that only requires a pen, paper, some basic techniques, and your imagination.

Who knew writing out the ABC’s and words could be so much fun? This book takes this style of art to such a fun and whimsical level. I like this book because even if you don’t think you can draw, the step-by-step and clear instruction by word can help you achieve and I feel unlock an art style that you didn’t know you could achieve.

The book has the following Doodle Letter styles to practice;

  • Simple Handwriting
  • Cursive
  • Block Lettering
  • Thin Block Lettering
  • Block Serif Lettering
  • Bubble Lettering
  • Overlapping Lettering
  • Pillar Lettering
  • Fancy Lettering
  • Serif Lettering
  • Broken Lettering
  • Dot Connect Lettering
  • Curly Script Lettering

You’ll want to grab a notebook, graphing paper, or art notebook for the Lettering practice. Tools you’ll want to have on hand are included in a section in the beginning of the book.

The Doodle Word section has applicable space so you can practice directly in the book, if you please. The categories for this section are;

  • Furry ( and Not-So-Furry) Friends (cat, dog, whale, flamingo, …)
  • I’m Hungry (Ice Cream, Bacon, Cotton Candy, Noodles…)
  • Nature Nerd (grow, roses,ocean,woods,…)
  • Perfect Pairs (rain or shine, read and write, salt and pepper,…)
  • Get Inspired (create, bee kind, dream, just relax,… )
  • Geek Out (castle, mermaid, pirate, etc)
  • My Stuff ( board games, boots, buttons, hats, etc…)

As much as I love just seeing the lettering practice, I absolutely love seeing it all put together into such fun illustrations words and phrases that would make great stationary, stickers, scrapbooking additions, logos, and so much more!

This book is extremely inspirational. It’s very well put together and if not drawing right off the bat, it certainly offer such great inspiration for when you decide to embark on it. Highest of recommendations for those of all ages!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free sample or a discount to purchase the product for review  purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.