365-Day Devotional Journals by Ellie Claire

The New Year is fast approaching and in that, it’s the perfect time find a suitable faith-based devotional journal to encourage, uplift, and further your walk with God in new, exciting, amazing and grace filled ways.

Allow me to introduce Ellie Claire’s 365-Day Devotional Journals. These journals are each themed in their own way and are absolutely beautiful to look at. 

The Earth Is the Lord’s, and Everything In It: 365-Day Devotional Journal

A devotional journal exploring God’s magnificent creation.

From the small whisper of a snowflake to the large circumference of a baobab tree, all of nature is the creative expression of God. When we embrace His creative nature by taking the time to stop, notice, and connect, our hearts are encouraged and souls refreshed. Respond to the devotions, add your own creative writing, or keep track of prayers on the journaling lines.

My Thoughts…

If you enjoy nature this journal is for you. I personally take deep solace in nature so this devotional really speaks to me.  The focus is on God’s creation with examples from the purposes and lives of plants, insects, animals, experiences in nature ( like when out camping..) , the weather and far more than I’ll mention here. 

In nature we can see God in everything if we look close enough. So much of His creation points to him and can be excellent examples to his children thus why this devotional even exist. 

The devotions included come from a number of writers. The starts is on January 1st and ends December 31st. These are dated in since of 2019, the exact day of the week etc. So you can start reading at anytime or year. 

Each devotion has a title, scripture verse ( various translations are present), the devotional reading, a prayer, and a lined section to write down your thoughts. 

The devotional is truly lovely and of a very high quality. To start there’s a presented to page which has a to, from, and date area to write at. It features a lay-flat binding, ribbon bookmark to keep place, the pages are of a archival non-bleeding quality. The entire journal is full color and there’s an elastic band to keep the journal closed when not in use. 

I can’t get enough of the rich bold colors and the beautiful peacock art on the front cover. I’m really looking forward to using this specific journal for myself in January and highly recommend it! 

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (365-Day Devotional Journals)

A 365-day devotional journal to help you spend time with Jesus through quiet time, prayers, and reflection.
When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget to spend time with God. This 365-day devotional journal offers encouraging meditations to help you spend a few moments turning your eyes on Jesus before your hectic day begins. After short devotions and Scripture for each day of the year, you will also find light journaling lines and ample space to record your thoughts, hopes, and prayers — just what you need to start each and every day with the reminder that God is always by your side.

My Thoughts…

This journal has a very special theme that reflects around praise in the form of a song. The songs these devotions are based upon span from modern day worship songs by artist like Matt Redman to hymns of old like Be Thou My Vision by Mary Byrne.

The devotions are lain out as so: The date , title, verse from the song, the song title and writer/artist, the daily reading, scripture(s) to read, a short prayer, and a lined place to jot down personal notes, reflections, or whatever else you wish to add to this spot. 

This journal is full color from outer cover to the inside pages. Theme imagery scheme is of flowers which to be in painted possibly watercolor style. The colors are pinks, greens, and creams shades. There’s a sating white bookmark to keep your place and the binding is designed so that the devotional stays open when lain flat on a table. 

The journal is very flexible. The pages are top quality and archival non-bleeding quality. There’s a elastic band that holds the journal shut  when not in use. 

This is lovely choice for an individual that finds calm and much meaning in music. What a truly lovely offering to grow deeper in Christ.

Peace Begins with Me Journal

We pray for peace. We beg for it from others. We make speeches about it. But in the end, the only peace most of us can control is that little portion we display for the world to see. If we are at peace, the chaos around us seems to calm down. Our peace affects others. And the Giver of peace awaits to give us the gift that can change our world. It begins with a prayer. It begins with me.

Peace is something we all long and can truly only find it in Christ. This devotional theme I feel is ideal for every person seeking Christ and his will for their life. The devotions point to praising Christ focusing on his love, faithfulness, grace, mercy, and his infinite love for us.

Each devotional starts with the date, a title, scripture verse, reading, prayer, and lined area to respond. 
The color scheme is subtle. The are shades of teal/green and gold. There is a ribbon bookmark to keep place inside and an elastic band to keep the journal shut when not being used. 

The pages a thick and durable being able to withstand most ink pens. The cover is a faux leather so it can withstand being take in and out of a bag pretty well and last most certainly for the span of 365 days. 

Life can be absolutely terrifying at times and peace can seem nonexistent but these devotionals are reminders of our great need to die to ourselves daily and to trust God has got our backs no matter how hard a situation or time may seem. Recommended!  

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