The CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible {Review}

The CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible  is lovely offering for women of faith both young and well in their years.  It has emphasis on exploring and taking  a deeper look at the woman found in the Bible as well having a plethora of heartfelt devotions, 312 in fact from 122 women that are a part of the online  (in) courage community. This Bible can help one find a direction  if feeling a bit lost and not knowing where to start in exploring the good news and in discovering your own story through him who created us. 
This is a beautiful Bible. I acquired it in the green cloth overboard hardcover format. The outer text is silver and is lightly embossed into the spine and on the front cover. There are two satin bookmarks, one being dark green, and the other white ( I use one for my Bible reading and the other to keep track of what devotional plan place I am on for quick reference). These are top quality place-markers not showing any signs of fraying in the least. This Bible lays flat when open which is nice for reading and studying purposes.

The Bible begins with a my commitment page. On this page, you’ll be directed to write the date and your name after agreeing to dive deeper into God’s word and to know that your story has always been a part of His story.  There’s a section also to write the date and notes pertaining to your journey and the ways God personally showed up for you. I was surprised by this addition but overly all delighted hat it was included. What a way to begin!

Following the starting commitment pages, there’s a must read letter from the editor, a how to read the Bible, God’s Redemption Story, Features, a Devotional Theme Guide, and an Introduction to the Christian Standard Bible.

Each book of the Bible, has a Understand the Author’s Heart, Connecting with God’s Story, Connecting with Our Story, and a list of devotionals that tie into the themes of the book. I feel the introduction helps one to be ready for what they are about to read. This introduction really helps one to see the book anew and to really think about how the words are meant to reach us in our own story.

There is a lined journaling space throughout at the bottom of the book pages to write down something that stood out to your personally. The pages are thin so I wouldn’t recommend using a writing device that could bleed through heavily. I found regular ink pens, gel pens, and colored pencils to work just fine.

The devotional plans can be found in the back of the Bible. There are 10 reading plans each with there own distinct themes. For example these plans include; brokeness, community, daily grace, leadership, friendship, hope, hospitality, gratitude, forgiveness, and being brave. I felt the author’s were spot on and the points they were trying meet were done in a wonderfully heartfelt way.

One of my favorite features is  the “Stories of Courage” which are stories of 50 women in the Bible. You can find this index section in the back of the Bible. Woman spotlighted are many such as Lydia, Deborah, Esther, Tamar, Hannah, Sarah and many more. Some are very well known and others you may have forgotten, overlooked or are just learning about them for the first time. They beautifully spotlight these ladies and I’ve found personally I can relate to more of them in some ways than I thought.

There is a topical index so if you are inclined to search for something in the Bible specific there will be a few verses referenced to look up. In ending, there’s a devotional author index in where the devotions each wrote is listed by page number to locate.

The Bible isn’t huge. It travels pretty well and it’s a joy to use for studying. The version chosen as translation isn’t difficult to understand. The navigation isn’t confusing and keeping place is all built in.

Overall, this is a lovely Bible with a lot of detail put into it. I feel it would be an amazing gift for all daughter’s of Christ. I count this Bible a joy to be using in my daily study and reflection of the word of God. I highly recommend it!

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