My Christmas ABCs (An Alphabet Book)

My Christmas ABCs board book by Tommy Nelson is so cute! This book celebrates Christmas by  spotlighting many seasonal festivities in a fun A-Z format. 

The book is in a board format which is great for young children that will want to look at this book over and over again. There is a lot of glittery sparkle within the very colorful and adorable illustrations. Each spread has this fun design element.  The sparkle is so beautiful to look at and delightfully and the great things is that it doesn’t get everywhere and make a mess like glitter would.

This book goes from A-Z so you’ll get to practice recognizing those letters in the correct order. Some of the phrases included are:

H is for hot chocolate on chilly winter’s night

N is for the nativity that reminds us of Jesus’ Birth

O is for the ornaments that glitter on the tree

V is for vacation time and visiting with loved ones

Note that there’s no mention of Santa, Elves, Reindeer and the other parts of Christmas highly recognized the American culture. This instead focuses on fun winter/Christmas activities and the religious standpoint.

My daughter is 2.5 years old adores this book. Many things we celebrate as a family are included and recognizable by her within the pages. She has asked me to read this over and over and I often find her looking at this book on her own.

I feel this book is a great pick for babies to preschoolers to enjoy during the Christmas season! Highly recommended!

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