Mental Blox Go! {Gift Idea}

Mental Blox Go! is a fun brain boosting hands-on game for kids ages five and up that is meant for boosting critical thinking skills. This sizing is perfect for on the go when traveling both near and far. 

This set contains 16 shape pieces that range in color and pattern. The blocks are made out of plastic. The patterns on the blocks range from stripes, polka dots, and solids. Colors include are very appealing to children! There’s bright orange, blue, purple, and green. The blocks seem very durable and can be cleaned easily if need be.

There’s a grid board with borders so the pieces don’t slide around and stay contained to a section. There’s a well-done activity guide full of challenge. If you do happen to lose the booklet (my kids did), you can download another one of the company website.

Some of the puzzle challenges and games you can play include;

  • Memory Match
  • Shapes Suduko
  • Slide & Solve
  • 4×4 chess
  • Spot the Blox! What’s Missing?
    …and more

The activities ( there is ten total) can be played single or with multiple players (3+).

All the pieces and the booklet are contained within the set. The case is sturdy and there’s a lid to go over it. I had an issue with the lid on our set, however, ours doesn’t lock/click into place and I am assuming we just got a bum lid. When taking this for travel we have to tape it shut or the pieces will spill all over.

I like this set gets my 7 and 10-year-old thinking. The challenges range from easy to more difficult and in-between. These have helped improve my kid’s math skills. Even my toddler likes playing with these. She will stack the pieces, match colors and shapes. It’s a great brain-building set that helps fine-tune motor skills too. I can recommend for children for at home or on the go!