Halloween 2018

Boo! Halloween 2018 has come and gone but the remnants of the holiday briefly lingers on this drab cool and wet morning. Halloween decor still takes residence on the doors and lawns of our neighbors. The steeply discounted candy lines once full aisles in the stores slowly making way for the Christmas blast.  

Candy! Candy! Candy! It’s what’s almost 100% on the minds of my two oldest children. I am thinking it’ll be long gone by Christmas but we’ll see.  My two oldest children got quite the stash roughly 100 pieces between the each of them. Sadly, my youngest wasn’t able to join them because she caught a cold that she likely picked up from the science museum visit last week.  

I am thankful my husband didn’t let the older kids miss out. He took them to his workplace ( they got to say hi to grandpa!) and then around our apartment complex for trick-or-treating fun. I was actually suprised that where we now live got into the holiday. We’ve resided at some apartments and the holiday wasn’t recognized at all. This complex threw a pizza party and had a raffle competition in the best costume. Owen actually won the cutest costume and got a great prize pack with popcorn, 4 dvd movies, and a plethora of candy.

The kids went as Pikachu and The Ender Dragon. Melody had her hopes on a Splatoon costume but we had no time or sufficient funds to throw that together this year but maybe next year if she’s still into that.  She’s still got a couple more years of trick-or-treating and then after it’ll probably be parties we throw or are invited to.

The kids were great about sharing with their little sister in the loot they received. Lydia would have gone as a pumpkin. I let her watch fun holiday-themed movies and wear her costume all day and she was okay with it. Next year we’ll try harder to stay well before the big day or embark on a few harvest festivals that happen before the big trick-or-treating days ( usually on the weekend before).

Can you believe today is November 1st? I can’t. The last three months have been a bit of a blur since moving, unpacking, and so forth. I for one am looking forward to a long winter full of knitting, crafting, good flicks, and fellowshipping with friends and family and no colds or flu!

How’d you spend Halloween?