Goose Creek Candles: White Icing Cinnamon Roll

I recently was introduced to Goose Creek, a family owned company that specializes in candles. Their many candles and melts are free from any harmful ingredients and they only use lead-free 100% cotton wicks. I like supporting local and found out that there products are made right here in the USA! 
I’m pretty pick when it comes to candles in my home. My family has sensitivities about certain fragrances so we often don’t burning or melt a lot of aromatic products. It’s not fun to get a runny nose or a headache in an attempt to set a nice atmosphere. However, when I learned about the quality that went into the Goose Creek candles I opted to give them a try!

This month I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to sample the White Icing Cinnamon Roll Large Jar Candle from Goose Creek.

It smelling good enough to eat doesn’t describe it enough. The aroma truly smells like I had been baking cinnamon buns in my kitchen all day and the worst thing would have to be that I hadn’t been! My husband came home from work and immediately asked if I had been baking.

The fragrance is  amazing the icing,  the cinnamon and dare I even say the smell of dough comes right through as the candle burns. I have no idea how they’ve done it but they have. The fragrance is amazing while it’s burning and it lingers some time after as well.

The candle I received is 24 ounces which is advertised to burn for 150 hours. It features two wicks so it burns evenly leaving little if any wax to waste. It doesn’t burn fast which is nice because I know I’ll be able to enjoy this candle for a good while. The candle has a lid so when I am done, I can put the lid back on and leave it out or store it away till my next usage.

We are totally sold on this candle. Not one member of my family had any sensitivities to it! My kids love when I light this scent but I think it triggers our cinnamon bun cravings, so be warned you might have to make or pick some up from the bakery!

If interested in Goose Creek candles know they are available at thousands of independent retailers, national chain stores, and the online store. I’ve taken a look and they have a huge collection and the prices are quite affordable. The holiday is right around the corner and you really can’t go wrong with gifting such an impressive candle!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*