God Bless You and Goodnight Touch and Feel {Book Review + Giveaway}

God Bless You and Goodnight Touch & Feel has been a delightful addition to our pick for bedtime books for my two and half year old daughter.  This book got her engaged not just by the story or the incredibly cute illustrations but with the touch and feel illustrations as well.

Like likely the child you’d be reading this to, the animals in the story are also getting ready for bed. This looks different for each animal family. The polar bear cub could use a snack, the otter pup gets a bath, the penguin gets all snug in jammies, the kangaroo gets a story, baby hedgehog receives a cuddly hug, the meerkat family prays, and so forth. 
The vast variety of animals were a delight to have included. There are giraffes, polar bear, otter , penguin,kangaroos, hedgehogs, meerkats, elephants and red pandas. Each of the animal families are featured on a two-page spread where and fun touch element is on one of the pages.  Some of the elements are the fur of the animals some being smooth and slick while other fur is soft and cozy. There are some pages that features that raised glittery material that is fun to touch but doesn’t leave a mess behind.

The story was a delightful read and it rhymed so it over time has begun to stick with my child that she knows what phrases are coming next. Some of the  text stands out in font size and color so when I read I point out those specific words and phrases.

This has been such and enjoyable book. I love it spotlights all the things we enjoy and makes us more comforted before bed. I was glad they included prayer and thanking God for the day as we do in our household.

Overall, a sweet bedtime book perfect for children ages 2-5 years old that loves animals for at home or when away from home. Recommended!

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