Gift Idea: Kanoodle Head to Head!

The Educational Insights Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game has been a huge hit with my family. We loved the single player version of this set and feel this head to head version is an excellent choice in challenging one’s self further and with a friend at that!

This is a fun game for two players that challenge you to use your brain! Critical thinkers and those that love puzzles are sure to enjoy it quite a bit. Age recommendations are for children ages seven and up but even those younger will benefit.

Whereas the single player version of this features both 2D and 3D challenges, this variation only provides 2D puzzles.

How it works is that you basically decide what puzzle card you’d like to solve from the 40 double-sided cards ( 80 puzzles total as each card features two challenges) and slide it into place. The game pieces are then divided among the players and the game starts! Whoever completes the challenge first wins and they can press the launch button that sends the other players pieces off their board. If the person that launches the pieces of the other board doesn’t solve the puzzle correctly, they automatically lose.

The game doesn’t take up a lot of space. All the pieces, cards, and instructions all are contained within the game-board! I love how easy this is to pull out or bring along when we are traveling away from home!

My older children ages 10 & 7 really liked Kanoodle. It’s great to see them working hard to solve the puzzles before each other. They really get into the game! The playability hasn’t seemed to wear off and they love playing this with mom and dad as well as other adults in their lives too. It’s battery-free, made well, and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it!