Ellie Claire Art Journals {review}

I adore material that spurs one forward to being creative.  I know the vast amount of books in doing so are many. Where do you start? Would you like it? Is it perfect for anyone no matter their skill level? It can truly be a big decision if buying for yourself and especially if you are aiming to purchase such items for a friend or loved one. That is why today, I am spotlighting and sharing my thoughts upon the  Ellie Claire Art Journals. These journals are each different in their own way and are perfect for any skill level.

Firstmost, it is good to know that these are religious based. You’ll find  christian based sayings, scripture Bible verses, religious art, and quotes from well known figures in society. That being said, let’s get started in letting you know just what each of these has to offer as you may be drawn to just one or two or just maybe all three offerings!

Journal 1: Illuminate Your Story

Learn to create your own beautiful illuminated letters with this how-to journal.
Use the almost-lost art of illuminating letters to enhance your writing, Bible journaling, or sermon note-taking. Rich illustrated manuscripts in the Museum of the Bible’s collection inspired these gorgeous letters. Easy to follow instructions, practice pages, and encouragements guide you through the creation of amazing start letters, flourishes, and more.
This journal is quite lovely. In the beginning pages, it breaks down and informs exactly what an “illuminated manuscript is”.  I didn’t know myself the vast amount of styles and history that revolved around the manuscripts that have been around for hundreds of years. I’m pleased this style is being kept alive and even more delighted that this journal allows one to learn how to create their own versions of such.

Following the history and the process, there’s a page on what supplies you’ll want to have on hand and how to exactly use the journal. Throughout there are step by step letter examples to follow and to try to recreate yourself with the space given on the same pages.

There are letters A-Z as well as a few flourishes, animals, flowers, plants, and so forth. Aside from the lessons, there are pages to journal your thoughts whether it’s pertaining to the art or whatever else you wish to write.

The journal is very well made. It is hardback. It features a cream and teal colored outside and within the illustrations are colored where applicable.  There’s a elastic band on the binding where you can store your favorite art pent. The journal lays flat when open and there’s a ribbon place marker to never lose your spot.

The pages aren’t thin nor to thick. Pages vary from being dotted or ruled. I’ve used ink pens and gel pens and have not had them bleed through the pages. If using pencil the page weight does well in handling an eraser which comes in handy when practicing the art lessons.

In the very back of this journal there’s a pocket where you can store keepsake items.

I’m quite pleased with the Illuminate Your Story Journal. I’m learning new things in history and getting to creative beautiful letters and images as well. I overall feel this journal will last for many years and be held as a keepsake item to look back on and share with my children as they get older.

Journal #2: Faith & Lettering Journal by Krystal Whitten

New from professional letterer Krystal Whitten! With guides, instructions, and tutorials, this is a fun and inspiring way to create beauty with words. It is the perfect place for journalers to practice Bible journaling, lettering quotes and verses, or decorating a page with original thoughts and plans. Exploring your God-given creativity has never been so rewarding.

I’ve lightly scratched the surface on Bible Journaling so I can certainly see how this journal would benefit one in that skill. Aside from that however, this journal is great for lettering that will benefit one in making cards, bookmarks, posters and other faith based decorative art for personal or business use.

The journal is beautiful. It is hardcover and features embossing and gilding ( gold leaf/paint) upon the illustrations and title. There’s a elastic band located at the spine where you can keep your favorite art journaling pen or marker.  When left open the journal lies completely flat so it makes creating and following the art guides easy.

At the beginning of the book there’s a presented to and from page in which an introduction follows. The introduction answers the question of what faith and lettering is while providing thoughts on rediscovering your creativity and in how to use this book.

Inside, there are places to practice scripture art, simple letters, and pages to jot down notes, feelings, and how God is moving you in this form of art. The pages are nice adn thick and don’t lend to most gel or ink pins going through to the other side.

In practicing the scripture art one of these pages will have a begin here column, trace, column,  your turn, and three columns of practice. The your turn and practice columns are completely blank where as the begin will show you how the lettering art should look and the trace will have that illustration in a light pink color in which you are meant to draw over to get the feel of it.

The letter and symbol practicing pages feature a light grid background. There are different types of letters styles to practice from A-Z which are San serif, serif and script. Other art styles to practice with the same page format are swashes, flourishes, banners, doodles, containers, arrows, and fills and drops. One is encouraged to practice these exercises for at least 15 minutes a day and on each of these sections there are very helpful tips and plenty of places to practice.

On the journaling pages, there are full color illustrations that might depict  a Bible verse or a uplifting or inspiring saying. Speaking of color, the inside is full of color in most applicable places.

The scripture art examples to practice are lovely. There are verses such as James 4:8, Matthew 6:33, John 15:5, and many more. My favorite is Hebrews 6:19 ” We have this hope as an anchor of the soul sure and steadfast”. The Hebrews verse has an illustrations that features an anchor and the word “Hope” stands out in a lit sort of way. There’s a mix of text styles which all work really well together.

I really like this journal, it has helped with my physical and digital art styles. I think anyone interested in creating such imagery would be quite happy with this journal as I know I am. 

Journal #3: The Illustrated Word

Create your own masterpiece with this journal that has forty glorious illustrations from ancient manuscripts that have been recreated as line drawings. Just as medieval monks brought Scripture to life through intricate inked illustrations in handwritten manuscripts hundreds of years ago, you can now create your own stunning keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

This  journal and a coloring book features the illuminated style which has been around for hundreds of years. This unique offering features full color illustrations of the inspired art style which are from the Musuem of the Bible archive as well as adaptions that can be colored as you make your way through the journal.

This journal is quite lovely. It features gold leaf which catches the light beautifully, and embossed imagery perfectly placed on the outer front and backside of  the hardback cover. The book has a spine that lends to keep the journal flat when lain fully open.

The pages are thick and sturdy and lend well to using all sorts of ink and gel types pens. The pages are lined so it’s lends to writing well. There is usually a snippet of art in one corner of a page and sometimes a full sized page illustration to color on the other followed by two lined pages with just one art picture. If you are wondering what the name of the inspired artwork illustration is that you’d be coloring the name and the date is included on the bottom of the corresponding page.

Some of the illustrations features scriptural verse text while other depict a Bible story scene. As a christian and an art enthusiast, I am delighted to be using this journal am glad it was created to shed the light on what could have been a lost medieval art style.

A few of the coloring pages do have very tiny parts to color. Those swirly intricate designs and motifs are beautiful but regular tipped pencils and markers won’t cut it. You’ll likely want to have some very fine tip coloring pens on hand for this journal as well as regular size.

I like the journal isn’t date or predated. You can write in this daily or whenever the feeling grabs you. It’s a nice calming option thanks to having the option to color. The format lends well to bringing along anywhere without getting damaged in purse, bag, or suitcase.

Interested in Purchasing? 

You can find each of these journals at a number of place such as Barnes and Noble, Christian Book, and so forth. Below are the links for the journals on Amazon.com. The make lovely gifts!

Illuminate Your Story * Faith & Lettering Journal * The Illustrated Word 

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review and giveaway purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.