When Fur and Feather Get Together {Book Review}

When Fur and Feather Get Together
by David R. Margrave (Author), Kim Wyly (Illustrator)

When Fur and Feather Get Together is a delightful book for children. It’s written in a rhyming way that makes it a catchy choice for storytime. The words naturally flow from start to finish.

This book is about different types of animals and what they are called. It begins with a father telling his son a poem.  Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament and that a gathering of geese is called a gaggle? There are all sorts of animals from many different places in the world included but not all have mentioned group names.

The illustrations are quite child-appealing and look as if they were done in colored pencil. The pictures feature fun friendly animal faces that are welcoming in every which of the way.

This is a fun book that which children will learn something new! I’ve found my youngest ( 2.5 year old) to keep great interest as I read and she listens. My 7-year-old son didn’t know some of the names for certain groups of animals before but he does now.

 I love how the story ends with shedding light on the importance of family and how like humans that even animals have them and special names for them.

This book has a great point, reasonable educational value, and the fact kids like it makes it worth the spot on the shelf.

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