The Instant Pot ® No-Pressure Cookbook: 100 Low-Stress, High-Flavor Recipes {Review}

If you like using spices and adding a good amount of flavor to your meals and are looking for a change in your everyday menu then this is a cookbook for you. It features some everyday dishes to those that are suitable for special occasions. I felt there was a good mix of recipes here to cater toward the everyday family favorites to those more fancy meals and desserts for holidays and so forth making this a high-value choice to add to my Instant Pot collection of cookbooks. 


The table of contents is laid out quite nicely. It first points you to the Introduction followed by seven categories of recipes. The categories included are as follows;

Meaty Mains
Veggie Mains
Grainy and Beany Sides
Veggie Sides
Soups and Stews
Sauces and Sweet Stuff

The introduction gives you reasons why your pressure cooker is great, a note on Instant Pot models, Things that you might forget, useful equipment you may need, the terminology of your pot, ingredients worth mentioning ( you should always have these on hand!), no-no foods, and adjusting recipes. It sounds like a lot to read but it really isn’t. It’s helpful information to know and be reminded of if you already know it. I for one am glad it was included.

A lot of these recipes aren’t like the ones I’ve found floating around on the internet. These kick things up a notch and that’s something I appreciate. Those popular ones are great and everything but after a while the crowd gets bored and we want something new. This book is an aid to all those bored taste-buds!

Each recipe starts with a title followed by a short introduction of what it is or what it goes well with. Some of the recipes suggest another recipe like a side found within in the book to make to go along with it. Recipes list the serving size, all ingredients needed, and step by step instructions that are mistake free and easy to follow. Unlike other Instant Pot cookbooks I own, this one does not have an estimated prep, cook, and release time listed at the top of the recipes. While these things are mentioned in the recipe itself there’s not a quick guide for each listed. While not the biggest deal, it’s something worth noting.

Not every recipe but most feature full-color photos of what the dish should look like. While not the end of all selling point for me getting a cookbook, I do lean more toward ones that have a lot of pretty end candy, so to speak. It just helps to know and get inspired by what to make by seeing what it should/could look like.

There are so many great recipes to speak of! The Artichoke Heart and Lemony Pasta, Sesame and Garlic Whole Carrots, Chipotle Pinto Beans and Wild Rice, Breakfast Deviled Eggs, Apple and Pear Sauce are just a few that can be found within.

My family is quite pleased with the additions to this book. We’ve recently been trying to add more vegetable based meals into our diets and found quite a lot of those in this book. This isn’t a grease, fatty, high carb collection but a flavorful, health-conscious selection of recipes to enjoy. I highly recommend this cookbook!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review and giveaway purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.