The Cow Said Neigh!

The Cow Said Neigh! is a fun read-aloud book for children about what happens when animals try to be something they are not. The horse says quack, the duck says baa, the sheep says oink, and you get the picture, this silliness continues on until the entire farm is in a tizzy. 

Featuring full-color illustrations spreading across two pages, this book is certainly a delight to look at. The colors are rich and imagery eye capturing to those of all ages. The picture backgrounds are what you would expect on the farm and the animals too. In this story, you’ll hear from the cow, horse, duck, sheep, pig, dog, cat, and the farmer himself. The illustrator does a great job of capturing the chaos from the expression seen on the faces of the characters to the noise text!

One thing I really like about this story is that it’s great for reading aloud for adults and there are no difficult words for early readers. The words flow very well. The sounds the animals make stand out in the type and you can have a child or entire group children make that sound as the story goes along.

There is no note to the parents or caregiver or something written to point out the moral of the story at the end or beginning. However, this story as silly as it makes for a great conversation starter about being who you were created to be and not someone else. You’ll just have to ask questions and receive the answers with no guidance from the storybook.

My two and half year old, as well as my seven year old, really liked this book. They both like the farm and all the fun animals. This book has just enough silliness to keep them both captured. I’ve been asked to read this again and again since we’ve gotten it. It makes for a nice read during storytime in the afternoon and before bed.

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