Cooking with Your Instant Pot® Mini: 100 Quick & Easy Recipes for 3-Quart Models {Book Review}

Cooking with Your Instant Pot® Mini: 100 Quick & Easy Recipes for 3-Quart Models is a must have if you have the size of the pot it calls for. I made the jump from just owning an 8 quart to getting a 3 quart this Spring. I primarily got the smaller size to help aid in making sides to go with larger dishes cooking the 8 quarts but since getting it, I’ve used it for far more than expected. 

This cookbook really opened my eyes to how much I could do and how convenient the small size is for having around at home and even for taking it on the go travel-wise. While most recipes online cater to the 6-8qt models, I appreciate the fact this authorized by Instant Pot cookbook for the 3-quart size was made available.

I have a family of five and have used this pot to make an entire dinner. The meal recipes in the book yield roughly for 2-4 servings. If you are cooking for two you’ll likely have leftovers with the meal recipes but with a smaller family, the recipes should be perfect.

The beginning of the book has a Cooking With Your Instant Pot Mini section and a My Tips for Success. This section is great for those that are completely new to the Instant Pot. It breaks down all the talk, phrases, and lingo most see online or in recipes their friends have shared. When I first started I had no idea what NPR meant so I am quite pleased the difference between all three pressure releases is included. If you skipped over it in your manual, a short blurb on what every button and mode does on the pot is also mentioned.

There are 100 recipes included in the following categories;

  • Eggs & Breakfast
  • Rice, Grains, & Pasta
  • Beans
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Soups, Stews, & Chili
  • Veggies
  • Desserts

If you are looking for a cookbook that is full of pretty text and features a color-photograph for every recipe, this isn’t it. There are a few photos for some of the meals in a section in the middle of the book with the title and page number the recipe can be found on. What this book does have going for it is easy navigation and of course flavorful recipes.

Each recipe category list what recipes are found in it with corresponding page number so you can turn to it quickly.
The recipes feature a title, the yield, hands-on time, cooking time, total time, buttons to use, and release type. The ingredients needed are to the right of the recipe always and the instructions are all step-by-step.

I’ve only noticed a couple of misspellings and a step that could have been explained a little better. A few of the recipes I had to cook a little longer but so much of that can be the ripeness of a vegetable, altitude, etc. Aside from those things I haven’t run into any other issues. I have had zero messes to clean up or mishaps in following the recipes.

A few of our favorite recipes in this book are the Easy-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs ( we’ve used freshly same day lain eggs by our chickens and the shells came off so easily), moist chocolate chip banana nut bread ( yes, you can cook bread in the Instant Pot), Black Eyed Peas, Mississippi Pot Roast, Ground Beef Chili, Easy-Peasy Spaghetti Squash, traditional rice pudding, and many more!

Overall, this book is a must-have for any three-quart InstantPot owner. I highly recommend it!