Unexpected Move

I know I haven’t updated in a while as life all of a sudden shifted. The first week of August we received a termination of the lease on the place we were living at for almost five years time. We weren’t in a spot to up and buy a house and the time to move out didn’t lend us to do so either. Through a lot of searching, seeking the Lord’s will, and letting go, we ended up in an apartment. It isn’t where I personally would have liked to end up in but it was the best choice for our family for now. 

August went by very quickly. There was a lot to do with packing, cleaning, and finding a place to live. We had to let things go like our yard, garden ( I dug up my oldest and most cherished plants and potted them to come along with us), and our flock of nine chickens ( graciously they ended up being rehomed by our Pastor). I’d be in denial if I said these choices and the process of letting go was easy because it wasn’t.

I feel beyond blessed by those that reached out and helped my family during this time. I am forever grateful by the generosity, the time sacrificed, and the words of wisdom and prayer given during a very difficult situation. Having a network of support is so important!

We are only a few days into September and our habits of living elsewhere still linger from things as simple as still learning where we put things in the kitchen to needing to water the garden during the day and care for the chickens. It’ll take time to get used to the new place and routines but seeking all the positives make it better.

We are currently not starting school back till October figuring that will give us enough time to get the place fully unpacked and studies in order. I’m only just starting to get back into blogging/reviewing but the house is the main priority firstmost so the kids can get on a reasonable schedule and routine again.

Growth and change is often painful and difficult. I know God has my family here for a reason and that’s what helps me continue onward and upward.