ONE NIGHT: Beautifully-Illustrated Advent Calendar

Not everything needs looking ahead so far but in this case, we’ll make an exception since getting the word out there is crucial to the success of the “One Night”. This beautifully designed and marvelously handcrafted advent calendar has been in the works for years now and is launching a kickstart campaign to make it the rest of the way from the creators to you! 

I received in exchange for spreading the word my very own copy of the One Night Christmas Advent Calendar and I adore it. It’s a beautiful piece of art that shows and shares the story of Christ coming into the world through the eyes of two shepherds ( inspired from  The Book of Luke (2:8-20) .  The calendar itself is very well made.  Think heavy duty board book for the cover. The sizing is large. It opens up on both sides from the center and can easily be displayed on the hearth, countertop, or table during the Christmas season.

The art is exceptionally beautiful and moving through not just the words but the art solely on its own. This may not be sparkling or make a lot of noise or anything like that but I feel like the creators capture first century Bethlem exceptionally well. The tabs open and close easily and the material is durable enough to last year after year, in my opinion.

This calendar is not glitzy, silly, cheap, or over the top glamorous. It’s what it is and it does that well. It tells a story that can be enjoyed by those of all ages year after year. It’s perfect for families, couples, and even to keep on display in a church setting.

If you want to get a copy of this advent calendar for the 2018 holiday season, they are offering it exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign so I recommend on getting over there and getting your calendar as supplies are limited.  Click here for more details: