Ideas for a Small Memorial Service

Ideas for a Small Memorial Service

Though losing a loved one is a significant moment that can affect you for years, a memorial service gives you the chance to say your goodbyes. It also allows you to commiserate with your friends and family. Instead of hosting a large service with hundreds of guests, you may want to look at some ideas for a smaller and more intimate service. 

Use Photos

Both funerals and memorial services often feature photos that show your loved one at different points during his or her life. Though some think that they should only display newer photos, you can use any pictures that you love. When you choose different pictures from different eras, you can remind everyone there of their favorite memories with that person. Most funeral homes will provide you with easels and other items that you can use to display those images.

Say Your Goodbyes

While many people think that memorial services only take place in funeral homes, you can add an outdoor element that includes a release, which really lets you say your goodbyes. One idea involves the use of paper lanterns. You should look for biodegradable lanterns that will break down once they touch the ground. Some families use balloons, which animals can choke on later. The best time to host a release is after the service ends. You can ask everyone to head outside and let them share some of their favorite memories before they release those lanterns into the air.

Send Visitors Home

Many families look at items that they can send home with guests. A good example is a prayer brochure or pamphlet. These small paper items usually feature a photo of your loved one on the front with a short prayer inside. If your family isn’t religious, you can replace that prayer with a poem. Memorial folders are also suitable for sending home with visitors. After looking at memorial service ideas La Grange IL family and friends will find ideas that let them say goodbye to a deceased loved one. They can celebrate the life of that individual and share their memories.