Painting & Hiding Rocks!

Where we live in Oregon has a very active rock painting and hiding group. We learned about this group last year and sought to find rocks when out and about but this Spring and Summer decided to get in on the painting and hiding fun. You don’t have to be some super artist to paint and share either!  
On the Fourth of July, our family participated in a huge rock hunt where over 400 rocks were hidden for any to share, hide, or keep.  We took a good number to hide and found equally as many but want to paint more to hide for the hunt next year. It was a wonderful time out. I loved seeing others find the rocks I hid and others commented they were thrilled to see my children’s excitement as well in finding the rocks they hid. It’s great to bring a smile to others faces whether if they are out searching or randomly come across a rock for the first time!

I really haven’t dabbled in paint before. I typically just draw on the computer and then doodle here and there in notebooks. I’ve discovered a new way to create that I love. I am super thrilled all my children ( my husband too) enjoy painting just as much. It’s been a great screen free activity to keep us busy during these days with a longer amount of daylight.

Right now I’ve been painting the rocks out currently to be cute animals or Summer designs like hot dogs and watermelon. I plan in about 2-3 weeks to paint Autumn themed rocks like pumpkins, scarecrows, and sunflowers!

We often hide our rocks at the library, farmers market, parks, outside froyo place, at coffee shops, forests, the college, and at fairy doors.  We share a group hashtag and post to the community Facebook groups to keep in touch and communicate and encourage with each other.

The above picture is a dragon head Melody painted.


Above is a batch Owen painted.

Enjoy the pictures I’ve shared and let me know if there’s a rock painting group in your community? If not, why not start one? I’ve seen rocks from our area be hidden all over the world!