Robot Revolution at OMSI

It’s been a hot Summer so far, no doubt.  One of these ways we beat the heat this month was taking a trip up to Portland to visit the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Fun, learning, and air conditioning? Yes, please. 

The featured exhibit we got to check out among all the other cool things to see was “Robot Revolution“.  It cost us a little over twenty dollars to get in which we expected. My husband gets free passes for us to go from his workplace but some exhibits and features still have a fee. This one was worth it.

The robot exhibit was a pretty cool exhibit that was more than just looking but also getting hands on. How so? There was an area where the kids could use programmed cubes to create their own robots. They also played tic-tac-toe with a robot!  My husband played cards with a robot. My youngest and I had fun while a robot learned how to mimic our expressions/emotions.

It was neat to see up close and personal on how robots play a big part on our current world.  There were companion robots that looked like baby harp seals, robots the have revolutionized the medical field,  sorters used in manufacturing,  smart cars, and much more. Maybe one or all of my children will help in this form of tech one day.

How are you beating the heat this Summer? Is there a local science museum near you too?