Create! A Girl’s Guide to DIY, Doodles, and Design {Book Review}

Create! A Girl’s Guide to DIY, Doodles, and Design is a book geared toward tween and teen girls. This book is a fabulous guide that features three different categories for crafting and creating.  I love that more than one way to create were included because why try just one style of creating when you can embark on all three? 

In this book, there are well over 50 crafts and activities.  Some crafts are quick and give one instant gratification while others take a little longer to complete. Things one will be creating in the book are not just cute to look at but many serve a specific purpose and some are religiously faith-themed.

Instructions are numbered step by step and are pretty easy to understand. Each project can be found in either the DIY, Doodles, or Design section of the book. All projects have either a jazz it up tips and/or helpful hints section following the instructions to take your creation further.

Examples of projects in each section of the book:


  • Cross String Art to decorate all sorts of spaces
  • Pocketed Pillow Runner to hold important items for easy access
  • A Soap Box for important prayer request
  • Altoids Tin Mini Emergency Kit to store in a bag or purse for the times you need it most


  • Bible Verse Poster
  • How to Create Your Own Hand-Lettering Style
  • Artistic Bible Journaling


  • Duct Tape Bible Cover
  • Blue Jeans Tote Bag
  • Silverware Organizer Jewelry Holder
  • DIY No-Slip Socks!

One con I have with the book is that some projects instruct to following steps from another project that uses the same method but don’t list the page number so you’ll have to look in the front of the book in the contents section. Another thing is that I wished there were a bit more photos for some of the crafting steps like for the tie-dye project. Most projects you can figure out without the extra visuals but I figured I’d mention it here for those of us that learn better with multiple visuals over written instructions.

I think most of the projects are unique and a lot of fun. Some of the projects encourage upcycle items i.e taking what you already may have and making something not just fun but useful as well. I think the hints and tip are great! My 10-year-old daughter is in love with this book. We’ve been picking out and seeing what we already have to complete many of the projects within its pages. I see her using the book a lot as a guide as it is well intended. Projects we are most excited about have been the accessories, room decor, and the drawing prompts! As the Summer season winds down, I feel we’ll be using this book a lot during rainy days and when a creative burst of energy arises!

Overall, whether making crafts for themselves or as a gift a friend, I feel there’s something in this book for everyone! It’s perfect using with one girl or many!

The BookLook Blogger Network generously provided a  copy of this book.