Blueberry U-pick 2018

Our Family tradition of picking berries happened this week. Click to see my u-pick post from 2017.

We were blessed with the cooler weather which was welcome after the upper 90s-100 degree temperatures we’ve been having as of late. We almost didn’t make it because my oldest had been fighting a viral stomach thing that had her not feeling well for three days straight. She’s still getting back into the swing of things and we are praying for a full speedy recovery right now. 

This local u-pick offers and has many varieties of Blueberries such as Dukes, Chandler, Draper, and more.  Most of the time only a couple of varieties are open to pick but this year with the warmer weather, a lot more were open for picking.

This is Lydia’s second year actually helping pick the blueberries. I still feel she ends up eating more than she’s had grace her picking pail. At least she appreciates sweet healthy foods!

Melody and Owen enjoy picking berries and know we get more to enjoy throughout the year if we all do the work together!

No one else was out picking when we were but I could tell quite a few of the bushes had been picked over. This place is kind of a word of mouth picking patch which I discovered in a local online group several years ago.

My husband wore his  Scala Panama Boater hat from Tenth Street Hats out for the first time and he said it has great sun coverage and it’s super comfortable. This hat we’ll be sharing more in a week or so since it’s a review item! I think he looks pretty sharp wearing it.

We picked 20lbs for $27.00! We plan on using these for smoothies, yogurt, muffins, pies, scones and in any other recipe that may call for them. Around 20lbs last us give or take about till the next picking season.

Do you like to pick berries with your family or just even on your own? I personally love picking berries and being out in the country doing so just takes the cake for me!