365 Questions for a Woman’s Soul {Book Review}

365 Questions for a Woman’s Soul with answers from God’s heart is a book you can turn to for light understanding and guidance on a specific topic. This book is a reasonable pick for scratching the surface on specific topics with its short applicable reading, verses, and prayer prompts.  

Firstmost, this is a beautiful looking book. It’s leather-bound and compact in size which makes it easy to bring along any and everywhere. The color of the book on the outside is a light gray with an image of a somewhat skeletal leaf on the front. The inside cover pages are brown with the pages being white and text also being brown. It’s easy to read with a reasonable layout and to navigate with a contents page in the front of the book. A ribbon bookmark is included and helps to keep your spot till reading again or when having to put the book down.

Each reading starts with a topic, question, typically 3-4 Bible scriptures ( various translations), a short reading, and a prayer prompt. This isn’t an in-depth study but can help begin to deepen your understanding of such things. I felt many of the topics included were applicable for women of today.

Though this is called a devotional it’s not dated or numbered.  I feel it’s more like a topical guidebook you can pick up at any time and find answers quickly. It’s light on application but I believe even smalls steps can prompt one into a deeper understanding of what the Bible has to say about many things you may wonder about.

In a generation where it seems time is scarce, I feel this book will appeal to many making it a good choice as a gift to someone you may know too.


**I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Blogger Network in exchange for an honest review.**