Photogenic Friday: Global 6k for Water with Renew Church (May 2018)

Our church family raised $28,310 from giving personally and from donations from friends, loved ones, for clean-water projects through World Vision. That total has given clean water for 566 children! We were happy to participate in such a cause.

Enjoy the photos from our 6k Global Walk for Water day that happened in May. 

My husband on the right and Pastor Jeff Paterson on the left.

That kid in the green Minecraft Creeper jacket is mine! We could barely keep up with him till we turned around and headed back.

Melody in the center with her Dad to the left waving at a camera. You can see Lydia in the stroller behind her checking things out.

Lydia is carbing up for her ride in the stroller. She was great the whole time. Maybe next year she’ll walk for a bit too.

Yours truly and my husband. So glad we got to participate in the walk all together as a family even though I was starting to get sick. Eek!

This photo was taken by me and the end of the walk. The kids were beat but learned just how long and hard a walk it can be for children even younger than them just to get water every single day. We were so glad we could help in providing prayer and funds for those helping and getting help!