Wood Finishes To Give Your Plank Flooring The Look You Want

When looking for plank flooring, you’ll likely find that most products come with a finish already applied. This eliminates the need to finish them yourself or to hire a professional to perform this service for you at an additional charge. While some worry that means not being able to find the type or shade of stain they’re looking for, there is a vast range of options available on today’s market.

European Natural Oil Replaces Tung Oil
While Tung oil has been traditionally used to finish wood flooring, you may find that much of the prefinished flooring on today’s market uses European natural oil instead. That’s because it’s a more eco-friendly product and provides an unparalleled beauty in floor finishes. The microporous nature of the finish helps it soak into the wood planks, so it gives the wood more than just a superficial finish. It coats deep into the wood, so it won’t chip, peel, or crack.

Wood Tone Stains for Solid Coloring

Some people aren’t interested in the natural look. Instead, they’re looking for something that will match the color and decor of a room. This is especially true, where the decor is set to a specific theme or style. In those instances, you can find a range of wood planks colored with wiping stains that range from very light colors to very dark shades. Be sure to look for planks that were colored using solid pigments to avoid fading over time. Some of the more popular shades in this category are Barn Wash Grey, Saddle Leather, Tavern Brown, Royal Mahogany, Moorish Teak, and Black Onyx.

Finishes to Give Your Floors the Weathered Look

These planks require a more complex manufacturing process and may be a little more expensive because of it. However, if this is the look you’re after, it may be worth paying the extra dollars. It involves staining the wood with both a light and dark color, such as the Barn Wash Grey and Black Onyx mentioned above, before sanding down the surface of the plank. This process helps to highlight the grain with the distressing to make the wood appear older and worn. To complete the look and add protection, the planks are typically coated with a clear finish, such as European natural oil.

These are the most popular options available in shopping for prefinished wood planks. In looking for your ideal style, you may find something you like more or see the advantages of a stronger finish. In either case, you can feel confident that planks that come prefinished are of the highest quality and come backed with a warranty from most dealers.