Nature Exploring at Camassia Natural Area

On Mother’s Day weekend my family and I explored Camassia natural area a park I’ve been wanting to see for a little while now. It was an ideal time to visit because it wasn’t too hot out and the seasonal Spring Wild Flowers were in full bloom. I get so energized being in nature and am happy that my children love being out in it just as much as me. On our walk, we spied many little green inch worms, an Osprey nest, garter snake, honey bees, butterflies, dragonflies, earthworms, and many gorgeous flowers of purple, white, pink, and yellow.

Lydia loves being outside and visiting this area and because of the smaller trails, she got to walk a bit and was carried the rest of the way. The bridges and paths were a little too narrow for our jogging stroller and we’d forgotten to bring to Ergo carrier.

Owen jumped up on this stump and asked for a photo. I took this one while he wasn’t looking. He looks so deep in thought, likely planning his next adventure and course of action. He says so many interesting things and comes up with all sorts of wild ideas.

Above is a photo of my husband with our two girls. We are overlooking a small pond that was quite muddy. We could hear frogs but didn’t see any.

Melody and I posing together. She’s the first to make me a mother. I can’t believe in six days she’ll be ten years old! Time flies…catch it while it’s here and now.

The last photo I am sharing is the flower the park we visited is named after. For more information on the Camassia flower which is actually a member of the Asparagus family can be found on this WIKI. My kids thought it was pretty cool to learn that this flower was an important food staple for Native Americans and settlers in parts of the American Old West. Just don’t try to eat the white ones because those are toxic….