Really Woolly I Love You, Little One {Book Review}

Really Woolly® I Love You, Little One is a devotional type book for children ages 2 through 5 years old. This book features Bible verses, short rhythmic verses, and simple prayers all tied together with the sole purpose of reminding readers and listeners of God’s great love.
There are nineteen stories total. A short note to the parents is included at the front of the book introducing to the parents what the book is about and encouraging parents to take time to point children to the truth that God’s love last forever and ever.

The illustrations are simple and a delight to look at. The colors are soft not brightly bold but stand out enough to be interesting to little ones.  Day to day things like waking up in the morning, building forts in under the table, crafting together, being helpful cleaning up a room, exploring the outdoors, praying together and more don the pages. The illustrations span over both pages as does each story.

The stories are all different from situation to in the way God’s love is present. For example in the story “I Love You and Protect You”, there is the Bible verse Psalm 40:11 which reads “Let your love and truth always protect me”. The story goes on about building a fort and hiding away all safe and sound and then wraps it up with how God’s love is strong and true and protects and shelters us. The prayers reads, Dear God, Your love is with me all day long. When I’m weak, Your love is strong.

The writing rhymes and is simple to understand and short enough to keep the attention span of squirmy little ones. My nearly two year old has enjoyed listening to me read this book to her. She loves pointing out all the characters from the sweet little sheep, to the fuzzy bunny, sweet little duck, and other additions that may show up in a scene.

This book is short and sweet. It’s helping my little one make a habit of recognizing scripture, listening to a short bit of how it applies to our life, and in how to pray.

The padded cover and board-book format makes this a nice choice for homes and churches where the book may be accessed quite frequently. It’s generous size and the fact it’s not a holiday or seasonal themed book makes it a nice choice for a gift to give year round.

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the Book Look Bloggerse review program in exchange for an honest review.