Lemons Are a Girl’s Best Friend: 60 Superfood Recipes to Look and Feel Your Best

Lemons Are a Girl’s Best Friend is a handy guide with recipes of thirty superfoods that can be used to benefit your health in two ways. The first way is in consuming it by eating or drinking it and the second way is to physically apply it to your skin as a beauty care product.

I was completely drawn in by this book when I learned what it had to offer. Through this book I’ve learned which foods are actually known as super foods, the benefit (s) each has to offer, a brief history, the whereabouts of where which most came from, the beneficial vitamins each food has for the body and skin, and so much more! 

The food recipes include salads, smoothies, cookies, teas, salsa, and many more. Beauty treatment recipes include everything from hair treatments, lip tints, face masks, and bath salts and a plethora of other clever and thoughtful ways to care for one’s self.

The recipes are easy to follow. Each list either inside or outside depending on if it’s a food or beauty recipe, you will need section, to prepare, and to use (only listed for the beauty recipe).  Most ingredients for the recipes aren’t difficult to purchase at a local store or online.

This book may be small but it packs a lot of important information into its pages. The layout is nice and there are simplistic yet eye drawing illustrations of each superfood throughout. The index is helpful since the foods aren’t listed in alphabetical order as I expected they would be.

This book is great for those that like to make beauty products or cook a lot of things themselves. I didn’t find anything to be tedious to make.  It would make a fun evening or girls afternoon in party. Who wouldn’t want to make nori wraps followed by a seaweed face mask for a powerful hydration boost for a youthful complexion? Or perhaps a Chamomille and Lemon Spritz to drink and a fun time of making Sleepy-Time Chamomille Bath Salts?

I can stand behind this book completely and definitely recommend it!

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books reviewer program in exchange for an honest review.