God Bless You & Goodnight {Book Review}

God Bless You and Good Night written by Hannah Hall and illustrated by Steve Whitlow is darling bedtime storybook. It’s filled with many beautiful pictures of animal families of a number of sizes that children likely will recognize. The story is short and sweet and certainly will help comfort children before they rest their head for the evening. The book is geared toward boys and girls ages two through four years old which I feel is perfect. 

At the start of the book is the Bible scripture verse Psalm 127:2 which reads “The Lord Gives Sleep to Those He Loves”.  I really liked that a verse was included. This is a verse to remember and likely will come to be memorized with reading after reading of this book. Not just the scripture verse was included but the story points to be thankful to God for our daily blessings, singing Him praises in worship, and prayer.

The words through are written in a rhyming way which is easier to read and remember. Certain phrases and action words feature a playful different colored text from the rest. These phrases can be fun to point out or have a little one say with you together as you read.

Throughout the story, there are many animal families getting their little ones ready for bed. The animals included are giraffes, polar bears, otters, penguins, kangaroos, sloths, foxes, hedgehogs, meerkats, elephants, raccoons, rabbits, and red-tailed pandas. Routine things like taking a bath, reading a book, getting on jammies, having a little snack before sleep, and so forth are included. These routine things are likely what most children themselves have grown accustomed to and can relate with.

The illustrations are so lovely to look at and span the entirety of each page. The colors used are warm and give one the feeling of coziness.

My little one that’s turning two in a few weeks has been enjoying this book. She loves looking at the pictures of the animals and repeating phrases from the story after I say them. Her favorite animal families in the book are the Elephants and the Hedghogs.

This book makes a nice gift for children for bedtime and can help ease any anxieties or troubles that may be associated with resting for the night. It can be read again and again and thanks to the hardcover format, it likely won’t wear out quickly. It also comes in a board-book format which may be best for younger children and those that may want to turn pages or look at the book on their own.

About the Author:  Hannah C. Hall estimates that she has read approximately 4,500 bedtime stories to her children over the last few years. She is thankful to get to add her own books to their daily rotation. Hannah and her husband, Josh, have five children and live in a small town in Arkansas.

About the Illustrator: Steve Whitlow lives in northern England, on the top of a (very) windswept hill, with his wife and young family. Steve followed his artistic calling from an early age and was first published at age 16, producing vibrant characters for greeting cards and then children’s publishing. With no formal art training and only his natural talent, Steve has now been working as a professional artist for more than twenty years. “My kids are my critics,” says Steve. “The best reaction I can hope for is an exclamation of ‘Cool, Dad!’ from either Sam or Ethan-or both.”

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